EXQUISITE BANQUET TABLECLOTH W/BRUSSELS POINT DE GAZE ROSES.This wonderful banquet tablecloth measures apprx. almost 150 by 70 inches, 381 cm by 177.8cm.I have had only three of this type of tablecloths in all the years I have been selling. Obviously someone very wealthy commissioned this cloth and had put at it's center a beautiful Brussels lace shawl and then had raised whitework satin stitch embroidery worked around the design.The lace was backed with net as it was very rare to use such good lace on a tablecloth.The last two I had, had large crowns and came from a estate that belonged to a royal family.Everything about this cloth is superb, the Brussels lace is ornate with lovely large florals, meandering scrollwork, tiny needlelace designs and large ovals containing Point De Gaze floral bouquets. The lace part extended down the center so guests would have had their plates on the linen part.A stunning cloth in every respect. In very good strong condition, this cloth almost seems unused and came from a estate deaccession in England. 

(Item #ALT134)