CIRCA 19THC. RARE IRISH YOUGHAL LACE. A wonderful rare Youghal lace flounce measuring approx. 60" by 5" wide, 152.4 cm by 15.24 cm. there are large ornate flowerhead with meandering branches. Excellent work and design. The lace has it's original patina and seems unused. In very good strong condition.Circa 19THC. Rare Irish Youghal Needlepoint lace flounce in very good unused condition. Youghal lace was made in Ireland from around 1845 up until the early 1900’s .It is said that the first lace was made at the Presentation Convent. Mother Mary Ann Smith  had copied very old Venetian lace .They also copied other seventeenth and eighteenth century styles.The lace was started by the nuns at their convent to try and give a livelihood to those who suffered during the Great potato famine of Ireland which was such a  dreadful period of starvation for the Irish people.The lace was worn and by the Pope and also Queen Victoria.Queen Victoria’s coronation veil was made of Youghal lace . Queen Mary wore  a Youghal train for her visit to India in 1911 and many of the very best pieces were made for members of the aristocratic and wealthy members of society. Today many of these laces are in museums and in very good collections. 

Item #AL682