CIRCA 1830's,SILK BLONDE LACE BRIDAL ENSEMBLE W/PROVENANCE,WEDDING BOX.This offering come with provenance.A pretty and ornate well loved decoupage wooden box states on the inside "The wedding dress and accessories belonging to my to my great grandmother Sarah Cushing Perry (Beamis)married in 1837 to Thomas Wales Beamis." The Beamis,Cushings and Perry  families were quite prominent old American families that lived in the New England area and Massachusetts.The ensemble consists of a luminous Damask silk bodice with edging of Blonde lace and a full skirt.The wonderful bodice has shirring on front and also sleeves, silk covered buttons and ties and Blond lace on around the collar and on the edge of the sleeves. The interior lining seems like a cream chintz fabric with interior stays.The skirt measures apprx.22 around waist ,38-39 long with quite a wide inner lining on the bottom of the skirt,probably to add extra fullness around the hoop area  There is also a long panel of the silk that measures apprx.73 inches. Selvedge to selvedge width is 19 inches with apprx.4 cut areas on each end,apprx 4".One shoes or slipper and four pieces of silk with floral designs which might have belonged to her husbands waistcoat? Except for a few small spots, the is ensemble is in near mint condition, no wear, no serious stains on inner bodice,which in itself is quite rare. The silk is wonderful as is the Blonde lace. A lovely offering for the early costume collector.(Item #ALC54)