EARLY 17THC. CLOTH W/LIONS,GRIFFINS,UNICORNS AND OTHER ANIMALS.This cloth came with  written information from the estate.
"Old Venetian FILET LACE TABLECLOTH.Early 17THC:Border of filet brode in "punto a maglia quadra"composed with lacis of squares showing designs of varied animals.Unicorns alternate with  stags on the corners,while the remaining squares hold lions,griffins and elephants.An inner and outer border of Lacis network is composed with varied small animals and geometric scrolls,The oblong center of fine linen,which is repeated in a narrow form on the outer margin,including a small bobbin lace edging."

Superb work and design  with numerous small animals throughout the cloth. Beautiful designs on the larger animals with excellent  intricate work and tiny Van Dyke edging. Measuring apprx.70-72 by 49 inches.A tiny mend near edge seam and a few tiny scattered openings in Lacis, a few pinholes in fine linen, a couple of light small stains ALL MINOR, as this cloth is in quite amazing good condition. The owner washed this, and fortunate for us,she did a good job.A wonderful example, the animals are extremely impressive! (Item #ACC225)