MAGNIFICENT CANTON SILK EMBROIDERED SHAWL W/PAGODAS,FIGURALS,BIRDS,BUTTERFLIES,ANIMALS. Circa 1880-1900,a truly magnificent and luminous cream silk Canton shawl  with over fifty figurals, more than sixty assorted animals and birds,pagodas, bridges,men in boats, assorted architectural buildings and a superb array of trees and landscaped gardens.One of the very best Canton shawls I have come across , the work is so exceptional, the design throughout the shawl is magical.There are four large assorted urns at the center and this is surrounded by majestic scenes, of assorted musicians, sages, ladies in a wonderful pastoral setting. The trees are sublime,the quality and different textures are enhanced by the architectural elements. Around the edge, wide borders of ornate roses, flowers, leaves butterflies complete this shawl.The shawl measures apprx. 67-69 with additional 11-14" fringe.The fringe is 11" on corners, 14" around the rest of the shawl.I think it was originally made like that as this is a large shawl and if fringe had been too long it would have been a bit overwhelming.In very good strong condition, there are two areas with dirt marks that just need spot cleaning and some scattered pin dots.They are in busy areas so one could leave or see to if desired.Overall very good strong condition.We could not capture all the different scenes ,this is a shawl one needs to see up close. It is simply wonderful.It is always rare to find this calibre of workmanship but combined with the  grand panorama and visual elements  put this shawl in a league of it's own.(Item #AS78)