EXQUISITE BRUSSELS POINT DE GAZE LACE COVER,VEIL Circa 1870's, a MAGNIFICENT bedspread, cover, or veil if desired in all respects. Measuring apprx. 87" by 77"...220.98cm  by195.58cm, this piece is opulent and is encrusted with undulating vines, garlands, flower bouquets and ribbons. THERE ARE OVER 250 RAISED THREE DIMENSIONAL ROSES... a astonishing number, all with inner raised padding. It is quite astonishing in every respect. The level of workmanship is of the highest order, the design is on a hand made ground.This was obviously made for someone who had a amazing amount of wealth, or for someone royal, for if indeed made as a bedspread, one only can imagine the wealth of it's original owner. This item was well preserved and is clean, there are a few openings but overall in excellent condition. I will send a few photos of damage to anyone who inquires.Overall my opinion is that it is in amazing condition. Pictures do not even do it justice as there is so much work and the design is so rich, that this piece could easily be in a museum.