EXQUISITE APPENZELL LACE TABLECLOTH W/CHERUBS,LADIES,BUTTERFLIES.A superb Appenzell lace tablecloth . The linen is quite excellent and the design is lovely with apprx.14 large vignettes filled with joyful cherubim, holding garlands of flowers,ladies in classical dress with butterflies, parrots, daisies ,flowers and tiny garlands throughout the entire cloth. The quality of Appenzell embroidery is exquisite.The faces and clothing and all the embroidery is done to perfection.Even more beautiful than pictures show! Measuring apprx. 122-124" by 70".In very good strong condition,one tiny minor spot near edge, just need a spot clean..It seems as if this cloth was never used as linen in smooth and crisp.Pictures cannot show the workmanship of those tiny perfect flower garlands, so small ,yet workmanship is quite sublime.(Item #ALT97)