CIRCA 1860,EXQUISITE BRUSSELS LACE WEDDING VEIL. This superb wedding veil is a handmade toile and reseau, with a grand ornate design of roses,flowers, meandering vines,scrolls and scallops. Large scale fern leaves combined with elaborate vignettes with needle lace fillings and Point De Esprit throughout the veil. The veil narrows near top and widens toward the bottom. It measures apprx.108" long,with a width of 53".In very good condition,there are a few minor small stains,lace was never washed.The crown where the headpiece goes has a few tiny openings. It is extremely rare to find such a extravagant veil. This veil has everything , superior workmanship and design in every respect.I think the provenance speaks for itself. The owner of this lace was Marion Powys, the renowned lace expert,she owned the Devonshire Lace shop in New York and was a major supplier to all the major lace collectors and museums throughout the world.This veil might possibly have belonged to one of the major society ladies in New York,clients like the Astors, the Duke family etc.This was part a deaccession from the Brooklyn museum in New York. (Item #)

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