LUMINOUS 19THC.LADIES SILK ENSEMBLE W/PROVENANCE. A beautiful silk ensemble , luminous golden silk brocade design with Large bows and handmade silk fringing around the neckline, cuffs and bows. The gown has a large wrapped bow at the front and also at the back with beautiful pleating. The neckline at the bodice has layers of ruffled lace and ornate thick decorative fringing,this is repeated on the edges of the sleeves.There are lovely carved Mother Of Pearl buttons on the bodice and the inner bodice has numerous inner stays. There is a inner bustle and heavy weights on the inner lining of the skirt.The fabric of the silk is superb with elongated leaf designs. This ensemble was made by a master , it is possibly Worth but there is no label.Most of the gowns I bought at this estate were Worth gowns. The ensemble came from the estate of  Brooke Astor and belonged to Lady Astor.In mainly very good,almost pristine condition, there are a few wear areas, mainly on the sleeves and a few water stains near edge of skirt.Overall this was very well cared for and seems like it has not been worn much.A stunning ensemble with a important provenance. (Item #ALC26)