SUPERB 19THC SILK CANTON EMBROIDERED W/FIGURALS,PAGODAS,ANIMALS. Circa late 1800's-early 1900, a large cream silk embroidered shawl with Chinoiserie scenes. There are large vignettes of figurals, sages,birds, animals, birds,pagodas, architectural elements and ornamental flower and garden scenes.The design has deer, ducks, butterflies , assorted birds, bridges and water scenes.Measuring apprx.68-70" with additional 12-13" of Macrame fringe edging.The shawl is in mainly good strong condition but there are some imperfections,there is one repair near edge and another opening on edge, some darker age spots and a few pin holes. Overall this shawl is in strong condition. The edge can be taken in all around a few inches so that there would not be any problem and the stains need some spot removal. Please email for more pics.This is a beautiful shawl with excellent design and workmanship and so some work needed.I consider minor on such a lovely shawl. (Item #AS51)