CIRCA 17TH-18THC.EXQUISITE EARLY LACE BORDER.This superb lace border is part of a collection from the Metropolitan museum deaccession.Measuring apprx. 122" by 4" wide.At this time...the jury is still out on identification as it is being researched.A superb piece, we will add information as soon as we can. 
Thanks Kate for opinion on this lace.

"Handmade Needlelace.  Roses,Thistles Shamrocks, Daffodills...4 flowers of the English Isles means English to me.Book-fold repeats in the band, with hanging flower sprigs.  These are not Italian design as in Punto in Aria, but the "band and hangers" arrangement could be an inspiration.  Of course everything with buttonhole stitch has a resemblance to Italian, but everybody else did some too... none of the Italian stuff has this look about it. Trailing rose canes with thorns twine through the center. Large fairy tale flowers look like the old Embroideries of English Blackwork. There wasn't much of the stuff.  I've seen only one piece published that claims to be English. " (Item #AL343)