CIRCA 18THC.RARE DRESDEN  LACE APRON W/MATCHING KERCHIEF.Circa mid 1700's, a rare matching Dresden lace apron front and matching kerchief.The finest and lightest muslin is embroidered with fine whitework flowers and leaves with meandering vines , flowers and leaves all along the kerchief and apron edge. The apron front also has scattered small florets throughout the design.A elegant symmetry in the naturalistic design and quite beautiful both in design and in the exceptional workmanship .In very good condition,a few small repairs done in their time on apron and a few small openings, overall MINOR. The repairs were done at a early date,one knows this simply because the workmanship itself is quite astonishing. and so in no way detracts from this set.Buyer of course may view and return if they do not agree with my assessment. A RARE AND BEAUTIFUL SET FOR THE EARLY LACE OR WHITEWORK COLLECTOR OR FOR MUSEUM.