ELEGANT AND ORNATE  ITALIAN OVAL TABLECLOTH . A superb banquet oval tablecloth measuring apprx.170" by 90"wide. The design and workmanship are both quite excellent.There is so much ornate workmanship on this cloth, masses of satin stitch embroidery, cutwork,Reticella lace and large scale Filet lace filled with classical figurals and garden scenes.The scale of workmanship is extremely impressive.The wide Filet borders around the center of the cloth measure 15 1/2" wide.All of the Filet lace is surrounded by extensive designs.In mainly very good strong condition, one of the smaller Filet vignettes has 4-5 repairs.Overall strong and good and does not seem to have been used much.Tablecloth was washed  and pressed.A stunning tablecloth.(Item #ALT43)