CIRCA 19THC.LUMINOUS SATIN PANEL W/POLYCHROME EMBROIDERY.Circa  1800's, possibly part of a skirt flounce and a work in progress. The design is quite elegant, with subtle polychrome embroidery on the fine roses and flowers . There are beautifully worked vines and feathery leaves with scattered florets throughout the silk satin. with shirred chiffon and straw net lace. A long garland of flowers make their way along the lace.Measuring apprx. 67" by almost 22" wide. There is some penciled leaves that were not finished but these do not really detract as there is quite a good amount of embroidery.One of the sides was finished off with lace, the other has not been. There is some damage on top heading,that part is quite insignificant.The panel is strong and in good condition.A very beautiful piece of embroidery.