CIRCA 1820. FINE EMPIRE CHRISTENING GOWN. A fine empire christening gown with a lovely embroidered bodice ,delicate whitework embroidery is surrounded by extremely fine drawnwork in a trellis design.A long garland  down the front skirt panel with wide scalloped shaped embroidered wings that are then edged with bobbin lace.Made entirely by hand with ,the gown is in mainly strong condition but there are a few issues,the bottom of the gown has a few rust spots which have not been worked on,one opening under part of the scallop and a seam at the back opening.Overall the gown is in strong condition. The gown has pin-tucking all around the edge with handmade bobbin lace edging.A good example of the elegant gowns made during the early part of the 1800's.(Item #ACC128)