EXQUISITE BRUSSELS LACE SHAWL W/POINT DE GAZE. Circa 1860's, a superb Brussels lace shawl with  EXQUISITE design and EXQUISITE workmanship. The design is quite superb, with large shaped vignette filled with daffodils and roses ,meandering vines and leaves and scattered with fine Point De Esprit, two other vignettes  in the shawl filled with similar design.Measurign apprx. 82" by 20" at widest part, apprx.208.3cm by50.8cm.The Duchess lace is beautiful , with fine elongated leaves with cordonet and rich ornate design.Thread used is extremely good and workmanship shows it was commissioned by a top Brussels lacemaking establishment.This shawl has original patina and seems unused.(Item #AL228)