MAGNIFICENT WHITEWORK EMBROIDERED BEDSPREAD. Astonishing workmanship and design!! One cannot say enough about the level of skill that would have been needed to produce such a grand piece.The design is fluid and ethereal, with leaves that are quite majestic , flower swags, acorns and flowers  with intricate fillings that surround the large scaled monograms in the center of the spread.Both in design and workmanship ,one can see this was a item not done by any ordinary mortal!The designer must have been renowned and the embroidery would have been made by the most skilled embroiderer.Measuring apprx.94" by 70". In mainly strong good condition, but there are some repairs and openings.My opinion is that this is a item for the collector,this is not a item that should be used, This is a item that should simply be cherished.... A item of wonder.....Grace and Beauty...Buyer may always view and return.(Item #ALB14)