RARE 19THC. MUSLIN CHRISTENING GOWN W/WHITEWORK. A lovely ethereal early 1800's fine muslin gown with a ornate bodice. The small capped bouffant sleeves have the original ribbons attached and wide decorated wings that make their way down the entire gown on both sides. Lovely large ornate floral sprays and delicate leaf fronds filled with fine Needlepoint fillings are further  enhanced by the large wide wings that are also heavily embellished with whitework. The wings are elaborate, with floral scalloped edges and larger floral bouquets that have unusual three dimensional raised tiny flowers.These large sprays measure apprx. 3",they are on the wings and also make their way all around the edges of the gown.This wonderful gown has a few issues, a stain on the bodice needs attention, and there are a couple of areas with openings. Basically gowns like this are rarely found, and this one is otherwise in good strong condition.There is a empire slip that we have added to the gown. One could use or create a wonderful silk slip if desired. (Item #ACC115)