GRACEFUL 19THC.CHRISTENING GOWN W/SATIN . Another beautiful gown form this English collection.The gown is made with the finest linen and has a cream satin slip that was attached on the front bodice and also on the skirt.A ebullient gown, voluminous  and extremely  grand and impressive.The bodice has a lovely combination of embroidery and Valencienne insertions with Valencienne lace all around the neckline and with further decorations on the sleeves.The front panel is practically all embellished with pin-tucking, Valencienne and whitework insertions.Wide wings down the panels are also decorated.In very good condition, a couple of tiny spots and one small area with a few small openings.The wing practically covers it and one could also attach ribbons if desired. Lovely for baby, dolls, collector. (Item #ACC109)