EXQUISITE COVER W/HERALDIC SHIELD W/ROYAL PROVENANCE. A very beautiful duvet cover that came from the estate of the Duchess Du Berry. The heraldic crest is beautifully embroidered with the finest  whitework embroidery.The crest has a crown at the top, lions  and a castle and other architectural elements. The motto "EX FLAMMIS ORIOR" translates as "I DEVELOP FROM THE FLAMES" is said to belong the the family of the Hohenlohe-Ingelfingen-Oringens. The Masonic Order of Templars have almost  a similar motto and the significance of burning  is interesting, for it is said that the phoenix arises from the flames,out of the flames..brightness.All around the fine lawn  is a fine wide border of embroidered large lilies,meandering vines, flowers and elongated leaves with raised satin-stich embroidery. The cover measures apprx.37" by 32" with additional 14"the lace itself surrounding the edge is apprx 5". In mainly very good condition, a few tiny spots need attention and a few openings in lace,minor.Buyer may view and return.Exquisite workmanship and design and a wonderful item for the lace or linen collector. (ALB13)