CIRCA 1820-30's, EXQUISITE AYRSHIRE GOWN. A very beautiful gown from the Romantic period, this fine open backed christening robes has a amazing amount of work.The bodice, wings, double ruffled sleeves and pointed ruffles around the top of the bodice are all heavily encrusted with fine embroidery combined with many needlepoint fillings. The skirt  again beautifully designed and worked with four wings, garlands of flowers and leaves down not only on the wings but also on both sides of lace near the wings. The main part of skirt is worked entirely up the skirt with many intricate fillings, some almost resembling Hollie Point.The linen is of the highest quality and so it would have been as linen like this was reserved for the most elaborate gowns. In mainly very good strong condition, there are some small holes at the back part of the gown,mainly at the bottom. The gown comes with a slip.When we price a gown, we take any problems into account. This gown is even more beautiful than pictures. Buyer may view and return. (Item #ACC92)