EXQUISITE WHITEWORK HANDKERCHIEF. A breathtaking handkerchief! It is difficult to imagine that embroidery so minute and fine could even be accomplished by the human hand.Mind you, the miraculous is everywhere and so a creation like this is possible .The attention to detail, the harmony in the design is truly exceptional.Roses, poppies, flowers and meandering vines and leaves are intertwined with ribbon and bows in the main part of the handkerchief .The border is impressive with alternate rectangles and squares filled with the most detailed designs. This is a true testament to the finest whitework embroidery!The handkerchief has fine Needlepoint  fillings throughout the entire design and is finished off with a fine scalloped border covered with flowers. Measuring apprx. 17".In good condition, seems almost unused, a couple of tiny spots, absolutely minor.This is simply a work of art!! (Item #ALH41)