CIRCA 19THC.MAGNIFICENT BRUSSELS MIXED LACE SHAWL. First let me start by saying that although this was probably originally a shawl there were some things done to the edges. So it is a perfect item for someone who wants to complete a shawl or of course to use in a dress or simply for a collection. I don't think I have ever seen a more beautiful mixed lace Brussels design, the shawl was worked in Bobbin and also Needle lace and has the most amazing design. As one can see from the pictures , there is truly wonderful detailed work that went into this shawl.. not only perfect execution but what a glorious design, it surely must have been designed by someone extremely special! The large main part has the most glorious flowers, large heirloom roses, hydrangeas, lilies  perhaps clematis or moonflowers with sublime elongated leaves and meandering vines. This type of work fills the whole back of the shawl and also makes it's way to the front part.The design on the back measures approx. 40" by 44" with additional bouquets and design on each side 18-20". The  whole shawl from one end to the other measures approx. 75" by 44-45" deep. There are then two long pieces , each  approx. 15" by 3 1/2" wide on each end. It seems like this was perhaps being made up? or had damage and was narrowed .. I am not sure. What I am sure of it, that this could easily be made into something, a shawl, or for a dress or simply someone who collects beautiful designs in Brussels lace. The main part is in excellent condition  one opening that  I see.. the problem is in some of the edging.I will send extra pictures if someone requires to get an idea.I think the right skilled person can finish this off properly but as I said.. this is a excellent piece for the collector because of design and workmanship. It is a magnificent example of the best of Brussels!

Item #AL1149