RARE 17THC. EMBROIDERED STOMACHER.Early 1700's. stomacher a even earlier printed inner part dating from the mid 1600's.This beautifully decorated stomacher has a embroidered front worked in polychrome silk threads .The edges and front flap are bound in silk criss crossed cord.The stomacher provided a lady to display the wealth of the owner and to also show the skill of the embroiderer. These were worn with open robes, the gown was opened at the front,the lady would have worn a petticoat below and a stomacher above.It is very rare to find such a beautiful example in such good condition.The  linen on  the back of the stomacher is quite amazing and dates from the 1600's.The design is ornate with undulating vines, acorns or fruit and leaves. Museum quality offering,wonderful item for the collector of early clothing or embroidery.(Item #EI20)